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Minivan Pocket Covers

Minivan Pocket Covers

For OEM seats to be readily removable from converted Minivans, conversion companies create ‘Dog Bone Pockets’ which allow an OEM seat to dock and undock with the vehicle.

While this means wheelchairs and OEM seats can be easily interchangeable, it does leave openings on the floor of the van. These openings can catch wheelchairs as well as loose items like keys or change that fall to the floor.

Made out of 1/8” thick steel, B&D Pocket Covers provide durable, long lasting support for even the heaviest of wheelchairs. Sold in sets of two, these Pocket Covers come with a Powdercoat finish that provide a professional, polished look in any van.

Designed for semi-permanent use, Pocket Covers can still be removed when the OEM seat needs to be placed back into position without leaving any permanent modification to your conversion van.


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Founded in 1981, our mission was to create a company where quality and service would never be compromised. Therefore, we are committed to our customers and to providing the finest power seats for vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles in the industry.